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Windows 10’s All Apps list functions a bit differently than the All Programs list in Windows 7. You can’t just drag-and-drop shortcuts or right-click All Programs and select Explore anymore. Use this trick to add your own custom shortcuts to the menu or remove existing shortcuts. For example, you could clean up the menu by removing unnecessary folders or organize your desktop apps into folders. Organizing and Customizing Existing Shortcuts To modify, organize, or rearrange an...
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Microsoft has integrated OneDrive in Windows 10 so that it’s hard to avoid. It’s no surprise that Microsoft is aggressively pushing all its products and services on to users in this operating system; Bing, Cortana, Edge, Bing news, Bing Sports, etc. As part of this integration, OneDrive is now a quick access location in the sidebar in File Explorer. Much like you would have Dropbox added as a location to the sidebar in older versions...
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Windows 10 has three different types of backgrounds; the desktop background, the login screen background, and the lock screen background. The desktop background isn’t new nor is it unique to Windows because every single operating system, even the mobile ones feature this by one name or the other. The login screen background is the one you see on the screen where you enter your password to log in to your computer. There are no official...
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The return of the Start Menu is a major highlight of Windows 10 though it may not sound too impressive to those upgrading from Windows 7. Regardless of whether you upgrade from Windows 7 or 8/8.1, the Start menu isn’t what it used to be in either of these versions of Windows. It’s different and it’s something between the modern Start Up Screen that was widely criticized in Windows 8 and the smaller much more...
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In the days leading up to the release of Windows 10, we scrutinized the hell out of the Star menu. As features were added and it evolved we covered how to customize various components on the Start menu. Now that Windows 10 is out in the stable (or somewhat stable) version, we know for sure what we can and cannot add to the Start menu. This is a comprehensive post that details how you can...
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