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Managed IT Services


Managed IT Services

In the modern world of business, technology has become an ever-increasing factor in productivity. Every minute that a network is not functioning properly can affect a company’s profits. If data is lost, it can be detrimental to customer satisfaction and the reputation of a business. Small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford to risk a loss in profits or negative branding. It is best to turn to expert technology support to prevent these scenarios from occurring and fix them quickly if they do.

What Is Involved With Managed IT Services?

In the past, many companies settled with a simple break-fix service in which companies would only consult network support when they were currently experiencing a problem. While it may seem cheaper to only hire help when you need it, this kind of reactive management can be dangerous. After you contact a technician, you will be required to wait until they are available to commute to your office, analyze the situation and provide a solution. Throughout each stage of this process, your company is losing business. If you have a contract with an IT company, you will actually save money because they can fix your problem remotely, and you can reduce or prevent the amount of downtime your business will experience. Managed IT services by My IT Masters offers 24/7 monitoring and technology consulting service. Our trained staff will be looking for potential problems in order to solve them before they manifest and cost your company money or time.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

Many companies may prefer to hire in-house technology consultants because they believe it will be cheaper and their employees will be loyal to them exclusively (and therefore more productive). However, when you bring on an additional employee, you will need to pay for their salary and benefits which can end up costing more than outsourcing managed IT services. With a team of technology experts at your IT consulting firm, you will have access to a wide variety of technology and services. Rather than spending money on keeping your employee up-to-date on the latest technology training and procedures, your managed IT services can do it for you. Further, it is unreasonable to assume you will receive the same amount of coverage from your limited in-house IT specialists than with a dedicated IT support company. Managed IT solutions will constantly monitor your system everyday to a degree that a typical employee will be unable to do. Additionally, your IT company can ensure that your system is up-to-date with the latest upgrades that your in-house staff may not be aware of or have time to complete. With unlimited remote access, My IT Masters will act as your own personal IT consultant.

Managed Services Offered by My IT Masters

My IT Masters offers a wide variety of services to help your small or medium-sized company operate smoothly such as:

  • Consistent Monitoring
  • Alerts of Inconsistencies or Problems
  • Assistance Creating, Deleting or Changing Passwords
  • Regularly Checking Data Backups
  • Maintenance for Company’s Server & Workstations
  • Latest Antivirus Software
  • Monthly Status Reports
  • Microsoft Security Updates
  • Unlimited Support Remotely

Ask us about our many other services we can provide you with.

Choose a High Quality Tech Support Company

Managed Services allows you to have high quality technological support typically reserved for Fortune 500 companies. However, you must make sure the IT support company you choose has the experience and tools necessary to benefit your company. Because of the demand for IT support, many self-taught individuals offer to consult for your business but they do not have the proper training necessary for such a critical position. When you hire My IT Masters, you can trust that our team of highly trained experts can effectively monitor and protect your system.

Why You Should Choose Our Managed IT Services in Gainesville, FL

When your small or medium-sized business is in need of Gainesville tech support, choose My IT Masters. With 14 years of experience, we can provide you with extensive and specialized services that your business can afford. We are focused on ensuring technical problems don’t prevent you from achieving growth or profits. Our team is comprised of a diverse group of trained individuals who make sure your company is current with the latest systems and procedures. We understand that time is money when it comes to business so we act with urgency to rectify any problem we discover so you can get back to focusing on your business. Contact My IT Masters today to protect your company’s data and server.

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