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Your Internet service provider probably wants to sell you a faster Internet connection. Pay more money every month and you’ll get faster Internet speeds — sounds simple. But do you even need those speeds, and when would you notice them? Recently, Verizon representatives were caught lying to customers, promising that the fastest tiers of service would offer “smoother” Netflix playback. But that isn’t true — Netflix, like other services you might use, only needs so much bandwidth....
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Batteries don’t last forever — they only have so many charge cycles. As you use your battery, it will degrade over time and you’ll get less and less battery life from it. Eventually, you’ll want to replace a device’s battery — or get a new device with a new battery. Even if you can’t access the battery yourself, you can often pay to have it replaced. For example, Apple stores will replace an iPhone or iPad’s...
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Geeks often immediately reinstall Windows on their new PCs to get a completely clean system. Thanks to a change in Windows 10, you can get a fresh copy of Windows on any PC without downloading an ISO file and reinstalling Windows. Microsoft is changing the way Refresh and Reset works in Windows 10. Computer manufacturers won’t be able to pollute the recovery image with their own software and modifications. Manufacturer-provided software is stored separately.
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Hibernate and sleep modes on Windows means you rarely have to shut down your system. There isn’t any real harm in letting it Hibernate through the night and every night all through the week. It comes with its advantages; you don’t have to wait for updates to install before the system shuts down, and you don’t have to wait for them to install the next time you boot it. It’s also incredibly easier to just...
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First, there’s Star Wars Day, then we’ve got Cinco de Mayo, and now if Intel gets its way, the first week of May could have it’s next big holiday — Password Day!The effort is being launched as part of a partnership between Intel Security, Microsoft, Asus, and the Cybersecurity Alliance. As more database hacks reveal that one of the most common passwords in use today is “password123,” these companies are beginning to realize that if...
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